A PR Plan Fit For A Queen

Ask any of my family members, friends or even people I’ve talked to in line at the grocery store and they’ll tell you all about the amazing experiences I had studying IMG_3269abroad in London. This is mostly due to the fact that I couldn’t shut up about it for six months after because I had so many incredible memories to share with anyone that would (and sometimes wouldn’t) listen. Almost a year later, I am able to return to the city that I fell in love with and experience many of my favorite places all over again. Fortunately, when my mom came to visit me when I was studying abroad she fell in love just as hard as I did and this Spring Break we’ve planned a girls trip back to “The Big Smoke”. The best way to ensure a successful week abroad (especially in a city with so many opportunities like London), is having carefully thought out a plan and objectives! Here is my PR style plan for a successful and rejuvenating spring break in London.

Main goal:
The main goal of my weeklong frolic around London is simple: shop and eat. A lot. After spending a semester in this historic city I had all of the opportunities to experience the tourist attractions. Now, I have a long list of places to return to and more importantly, foods to eat again. Ultimately, I would like to experience some of my favorite London spots again, as well as, discover new gems, hopefully get in some relaxation and take in everything my favorite city in the world has to offer.

Since I had to take everything I learned to love about a city in a full semester and squeeze it into a week, planning objectives is an important aspect of a successful spring break plan. That being said, here are a few of my objectives I have set for my week in London:
IMG_2392Ingest an excessive amount of calories through delicious street food and market cuisine because vacation calories don’t count.
• Leave enough room in my suitcase for the unnecessary amount of new clothing, candy, skincare and other UK exclusives that are all coming home with me.
• Make wonderful memories with my mom that I can remind her of when she’s mad at me for spending all my (read: her) money at Target every week.
• Find the British man of my dreams, make him fall madly in love with me, get engaged, obtain a green card and move to London for the rest of my life. (Let a girl dream, ok)


Strategies and tactics: In reality, all but one of these objectives is relatively easy to achieve (like I’m actually going to be able to pack light, lets be honest). In order to achieve these goals I’m going to utilize my exceptional organization skills and make an Excel sheet filled with must visit restaurants and stores as well as neighborhoods and areas that need further exploring. London is HUGE so breaking it down by neighborhood and area is essential to vacation success.

IMG_2320Measure of success:
Keeping in mind that my experience in London this time around with my mom will be completely different than four months with my best friends, my expectations are realistic. I know that there won’t be any crazy nights out on the town or impromptu adventures during the week to celebrity’s houses, but I do know that a not being on a student budget in an expensive city like London is almost enough to make up for that. People always say going back to a place you hold so close to your heart is never the same, I truly believe that but I hope to make new memories that will only add to the old.

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