Hate To Love You: A Cynics Guide to Being Single on Valentine’s Day

Every holiday comes with it’s own cynics and haters and this Valentine’s Day should be no different. Whether you’re newly single, self-proclaimed “forever alone” or just focusing on you, don’t let the hustle and bustle of this Hallmark holiday get you down. Take this opportunity as the wonderfully single person you are to reflect on your negativity toward love and channel it into something useful, like realizing how much money you’re saving by only having to buy yourself ridiculous amounts of heart shaped candy. It’s time to break down the strengths and weaknesses through a SWOT analysis of being the single (and slightly cynical) person on Valentines Day, and why ordering a heart shaped pizza for one is always better than for two.



There are so many strengths to being single on Valentine’s Day it is hard to know where to begin. First and foremost, you only have to worry about yourself. There is no pressure to make your significant others gift bigger and better than last year, or the burden of the set dinner menu at a fancy restaurant downtown that’s way out of your price range anyway. You can do whatever you please, and if that’s sitting at home and watching reruns of “Keeping up with the Kardashians” all night than that’s your choice. Realize how self-sufficient you are and be proud of what you can accomplish on your own!




We’ve all been there before, the downward spiral starts with a uninvited Instagram post of a surprise Valentine’s Day puppy and ends with you crying into a pint of ice cream with The Notebook on repeat (cliché but you know its true). The Valentine’s Day feels can hit at any point and is a reoccurring weakness of the truly single out there. If the only way to beat them is to join them, then let yourself have a good cry about how torturous this Hallmark holiday is, put on some Beyoncé and get over it. Using your weaknesses to your advantage will only make you stronger, so accept that you’re sad, refocus and realize all of the strengths you have already.



The opportunities are endless on Valentines Day! You are free to do whatever your heart desires and there is no one to tie you down. Start with planning a full on “treat yo’ self” day and go from there. Buy yourself a facial and massage or finally order those perfect booties you’ve been lusting over. Once your other single friends see how much fun you’re having without a significant other they’ll want to join you immediately. Turn the day of unnecessary PDA and calorie dense chocolate into something productive and celebrate someone you truly love, yourself!




Valentine’s Day threats lurk around every corner. From being harassed by sappy commercials to couples thinking PDA is all of a sudden acceptable, threats to your sanity and happiness on Valentines Day are everywhere. Remain calm. Prepare yourself before the day comes and you’ll make it out alive. Plan exactly what you are going to do that day and stick to it. Don’t get overwhelmed by the pink and red and be thankful its only 24 hours of your life to deal with.

Remember, whether you are single and ready to mingle or happily tied down on Valentine’s Day, take the time to reflect on your own strengths and weaknesses and learn a little more about yourself!